Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama Tuesday, Week 8

Its Tuesday again, and time for another weigh in and update. I've somehow managed to loose another pound of weight. I'm certainly eating plenty, and my belly keeps growing nicely, but the number on the scales has dropped. Given that I'm not actually trying to loose right now, just keep my pregnancy gain to a healthy minimum.

I'll also hit the third trimester on Friday, so I do fully expect to see the number on the scale go up a little over the next few weeks.

Finally, a bump picture. 26 weeks & 2 days.
I've also been experimenting in the kitchen again. Rob loves peanut butter cups, so I wanted to make some Trim Healthy Mama style for St. Valentine's Day. I'm so impressed that I want to work on a few other flavors for the cups, then I'll be taking some pictures and sharing the recipes with you all. Rob loves all my Trim Healthy Treats so much that he keeps wanting to take extras to work and share them around the office while telling everyone about this eating plan.

I'll have to keep this short today, as I can now hear that nap time is over. I promise as soon as I've got the other flavors done I'll be back with the recipes.