Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama Tuesday, week 26

Week 26, how did I get here so quickly. That's half a year I've been on plan now.

I can explain my absence from the blogosphere by announcing the safe arrival of our first daughter on May 9th. I'll be adding her birth story to the blog just as soon as I've got enough time to type it up. Meanwhile here is a few pictures of our new blessing.
2 days old

Daddy and his new daughter (3 days old)

2 weeks old

Almost 3 weeks

My final weight gain for the entire pregnancy was just 12 lbs, largely thanks to eating the Trim Healthy Mama way. Megan was 7lb 7oz at birth, my smallest baby yet, but certainly not a tiny baby.

At almost 4 weeks postpartum (it'll be 4 weeks on Thursday) not only have I lost all my pregnancy weight, but I am also down another 12lb, taking me to 2lb below my starting pregnancy weight with our oldest son. Now I've just got 8lbs of pregnancy weight from our miscarriage baby to loose and I'll be back at my before any pregnancy weight. This also puts me at 50-55lb to go to reach my goal healthy weight, which I now hope to reach by Megan's first birthday.

I'll be waiting another 2 weeks to get back to full plan mode, this time with the addition of some exercise. I have a lovely new set of kettlebells waiting for me in the garage. And I'm looking forward to toning up as well as slimming down. I will also try to get a good before picture and post it here on the blog as it will be a good way to show progress as I work towards my target weight.

Baby is beginning to stir, so I have to keep this short today. I am looking forward to beginning to full weight loss mode part of this plan and sharing it with you all.

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