Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama Tuesday, Week 17

So its been a while since I took time to update on here. I've been busy with potty training one toddler, while the other one has been learning to walk and teething his molars at the same time. I've also been on an unstoppable nesting drive, getting our home ready for our new arrival (more about that in another post soon.)

So where are we at?

Rob is continuing to see his blood pressure stabilize, which is wonderful news. It is even low enough consistently for him to be able to donate blood again. As a bonus he has lost 10lb, all of it on that subtle middle age spread that was happening to his waistline. He tried on some pants last night that have been too tight, and they all fit comfortably again. He still wants to get rid of another 4lb or 5lb, but is enjoying how effortless it is for him with the THM plan.

I'm 35 weeks and 4 days today. My total gain is currently sitting at 10lbs. I do get a little bit of fluctuation, but only by 1lb or at most 2lb. I'm also at the point in my pregnancy where it is getting difficult to eat enough, so I'm really focusing on just getting enough protein every day. With just over a month to go until the baby is due I'm confident my total gain will stay under or around the 15lb target. I'm excited to see what my weight is going to be like after the baby gets here too.

I'll be giving myself a month to recover from the birth before I continue to track my weight, but that doesn't mean I'll be taking a break from Trim Healthy Mama. I've already started to fill our freezer with lots of good THM dinners that are ready to go into the slow cooker, along with stockpiling some tasty sourdough rye bread for those early weeks when I'm trying to stay off my feet. My next goal is to get some pancakes, cupcakes, muffins and other treats ready and frozen for easy snacks that are still on plan during my recovery period. Last time I needed about 6 weeks of recovery time. I'm praying for a much quicker recovery this time, but want to be prepared to eat out of the freezer for 6 weeks if we have to.

I hope to get a nice bump picture taken this week when I hit 36 weeks so I can update next week with a photo.

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