Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama Tuesday, Week 18

Part of me can hardly believe I've been on the Trim Healthy Mama plan for half this pregnancy. It seems to be going by so quickly thanks to the wonderful energy I've had eating this way.

So just a few days shy of full term (37 weeks) this is where I am at:

My total weight gain has gone up over that last few weeks. As of my weekly weigh-in this morning I am now up to 13lbs gained for the entire pregnancy. Come Friday the baby can arrive anytime in the next five weeks and my goal of a total gain of about 15lb looks achievable.

My body is continuing to slim down, even with the extra few pounds of weight. Once again I could do with changing down a size in my bra. I haven't been below the size I'm currently wearing since before I got married, so it would involve a rather expensive shopping trip. (How I look forward to finally being small enough to be able to purchase reasonably priced under garments.) With the birth of this baby so close, and knowing that I may go back up one size when my milk comes in I'm trying to make do with what I have. It has also curbed my urge to buy nursing bras, as I do actually need to wait and see what size I will need once my milk supplies establishes.

I was talking to Rob about this issue last week and remarked that becoming a Trim Healthy Mama is costing us a small fortune as I keep changing shape. If the trim part keeps going I'm going to have to replace all my clothes at some point too. Then if we are blessed with another baby in the future I'll have to replace my already getting too big maternity clothes. I am happy to have the problem of my clothes getting too big rather than too tight. Since I can sew and tailor clothes I will always have the option of altering my current clothes down a size or two before I have to replace them completely. I seriously think that I should probably give myself some goals before I allow myself to spend any more money on clothing (other than the essential under garments.)

We have also talked about goal setting for after the pregnancy. In my previous postpartum periods I've lost all but the first trimester 10 lb within four weeks of giving birth. So we have agreed together that I need to wait until I'm a full four weeks postpartum before I check my weight and look at setting goals for loosing the extra weight. I love that I have a husband who is interested in this journey I am on, and who is glad to provide me with support and accountability in an encouraging way.

Rob is continuing to see multiple benefits to his THM journey too. He has lost another 1lb this past week and is fitting back into pants that he hasn't worn since becoming a father to be. He jokes that he is finally back at his pre-pregnancy weight, as he gained a few pounds with each of our pregnancies while helping me eat enough protein by making protein milkshakes and then finishing what I couldn't. His blood pressure continues to regulate to a more normal reading, which is even more exciting news than his weight loss. All that is left for him is to get back to more exercise within his week and rebuild some of the lost muscle tone. Hopefully once I start working out more after the baby arrives he'll join in and find time to get some short workouts in too.

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