Friday, September 5, 2014

A Tour of our Education Corner

I know some home educating mama bloggers do a tour of their "school room" about this time of year. So I thought I'd join in.

Our Education Corner isn't much, and definitely not the impressive large dedicated space I see regularly online. I could have turned our upstairs loft into a cozy Education Center, but that would probably have cost some money, and remained open plan. I needed something that I could limit unsupervised access, as my boys are prone to ripping pages out of books if left alone for more than a few minutes.

So for now we've converted the dining corner of our kitchen into our Education Corner. I moved in a bookcase we already had, and after some reorganizing we had a home for our educational supplies. And with a safety gate at the entrance to our kitchen we can keep control of the access until the book destruction phase is over.
The main feature of our Education Corner, the bookcase.
Using the windows to work on letters and numbers.
Close up of the boxes on top of the bookshelf.
Closer look at the bookshelf.
The never used kitchen table is now the hub of our Education Corner.

And because a tour of our Education Corner won't take much, I thought I'd add a few photos of other places "school" takes place with Sweetie Pie.

Learning phonics and writing skills at the sofa.
Reading at the ottoman.
Reading on the sofa.

Hope you enjoyed looking at our simple and free set up. Next week I'll let have a look inside my planning folder (it's the pink one on the bookshelf.)


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