Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Day of Trim Healthy Mama in Photos

Yesterday I decided to photograph everything I ate. It was an S day, but as you will see there was plenty of food and I never got hungry all day long.

Oopsie Rolls, fresh from the Oven (you'll see me use these for lunch)

Breakfast, Eggs scrambled in coconut oil with a fresh sliced tomato & sauteed onion, pepper & mushroom.

Oopsie Rolls filled with creamy Tuna Mayo & Cheese for a filling sandwich.

My favorite snack, Greek yogurt with a dash of vanilla, shake of Nustevia and a few chopped strawberries.

Dinner, Crockpot Chicken Alfredo (homemade sauce) with sauteed green beans & onions and a small spoon of Dreamfields Pasta. This was so much food that I actually couldn't eat the whole serving.

Chocolate Nut Slab, made as individual truffles with crushed Pecans instead of peanuts. Rob & I had a few of these with a cup of decaf after we had the boys safely tucked up in bed for the night.

As you can see there is no going without on this Trim Healthy Mama journey. I never felt hungry the whole day, and couldn't finish my dinner as it was so much food. Everything was wonderfully tasty, some of it even a little decadent, but all of it within plan.

I'll try to take photos again when we have an E day, as it was really fun to see just how wonderful all this lovely tasty food can be.


  1. Thank you for the lovely pictures! I just ordered my THM book and am enjoying your blog.

  2. I love to see the photos! I'm doing THM also and found your blog through the forum. :) Keep up the good work!