Thursday, December 13, 2012

Trim Healthy Mama

I recently joined a Facebook page for the book Trim Healthy Mama, then just a few days ago my copy of the book also finally arrived in the mail.

I'm still working my way through the book, but so far I have been both encouraged and inspired.

The book is written by 2 sisters, both of whom are mama to many children, and both of whom have had their own "diet" challenges over the years. They write with a humor and honesty that is refreshing and open. They have very different approaches to food, but agree on the basic principles of this book. This isn't just another "diet book" or a quick fix to weight issues. It is a philosophy of food that is both healthy and sustainable.

Their key to being a trim healthy mama is to control insulin spikes by how we eat, and to keep the metabolism high with variety. The main focus, especially when there is excess weight to loose, is to separate high fat foods from high carbohydrate foods. Protein is included in all meals and snacks, but this isn't a high protein diet either.

As a "Whole Grain Jane" I've watched my weight rise my entire adult life, even though I was eating whole foods. I knew I ate too many grains, but had no idea just what those grains were doing to me that made weight control such a problem.

So I am joining the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. At 18 weeks pregnant and over 70lbs overweight this is going to be an interesting journey. One I know I am not taking alone. I hope that as I walk this journey others will be encouraged and inspired to join in too. The best part is I've nothing to loose except those excess pounds.

So I will be blogging once a week as accountability to see how I am progressing, and hopefully linking up with other blogging mamas who are also taking this journey.

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