Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama Tuesday Week 4

Now that all the holidays are over we are getting settled back into a routine around here. So its time to get back to my Trim Healthy Tuesday posts.

I've now been following the Trim Healthy Mama S&E plan for 4 weeks. I've had more than a few Crossovers while Rob was home during the holidays. Despite that there has been very little change to my weight. At 22 weeks pregnant I've gained a whole 1 lb since starting this new plan. I am very happy with this, as it means the weight is all about the baby and not adding even more padding to my well padded figure.

Everyone in the family has been enjoying the incredibly tasty food, especially all the new treats I've been making. Choco Pudding is still the favorite with the boys. Rob has enjoyed the Chocolate Fudge so much that he has taken some to work in his packed lunches. I'm still more than a little addicted to Greek yogurt with vanilla & nustevia powder. The way I'm eating it keeps it in Fuel Pull territory, so I'm trying really hard not to enjoy it too frequently. Instead I remind myself that I can indulge in it every day after the baby gets here, and it will help strip all those extra pounds away.

Even though the scales are not changing much, my body certainly is. And those changes are not all pregnancy related. This past weekend I noticed that my bra was irritating me. When I looked closer I noticed that it wasn't fitting as well as it should. It was actually looking too big. Now I'll be brutally honest here. I've been very blessed in this department. In fact Rob and I have already had many chats about reduction surgery after we finally time out from having more children and I no longer have a child to breastfeed. In the past when there has been a change in my bra cup size it has always been an increase, and I've been wearing them for 30 years (since I was 10.) My cup size is so large that most people don't even know bras come in that kind of letter range. So seeing gaping fabric on the cup of both sides came as a total shock. The next day I tried on an older bra that was the same band size, but 3 cup sizes down. It fit me. I was again surprised, but very excited. I've never seen a pregnant woman go down in cup size while she is still growing a baby, but now I have.

Later that same day Rob commented that he could see that I've lost weight on my face too. We had a family portrait done at the beginning of November, and when he saw me standing next to it he could see a definite difference in my face.

The scales in the bathroom may not move much right now, but thanks to Trim Healthy Mama I am getting trimmer. The padding is decreasing at the same time as my baby is increasing. What more encouragement does a woman need than finally seeing the possibility of buying underwear in a regular store like everyone else, instead of having to get special orders made.

In light of this encouraging news I've been able to spread the Trim Healthy Mama message to 2 very important mamas in my life. After a few weeks of talking about it to my own mama when we have our weekly Skype chats, she asked if I could get her a copy of the book. So we're sending it to her as an early birthday present. I'm beyond excited to have my own mama join this journey to better health as well as a trimmer waistline.

Then last weekend my in-laws were visiting for a delayed Christmas celebration. We got to talking about the book, and still had a few of those chocolate truffles for them to try. My mother-in-law then asked if I could send her a link to purchase the book. She is eager to get started on this journey too. While she doesn't have weight to loose, she does have digestive and other health issues that will be greatly benefitted from learning to eat the Trim Healthy Mama way.

I would love to eventually see a Trim Healthy Mama group started in my Church too. Every single family in our Church would greatly benefit from these principles. However I want to not only get better at the plan myself first, but also want to lead by example. I know that once the weight starts to vanish post baby I'll be getting lots of questions about what I'm doing. That will when I'll know its time to get a group started. When the results are tangible it will be so much easier for the other mamas at Church to see the benefit for their own lives.

This coming week my challenge to myself is going to be exercise. Right now there isn't much exercise happening. In the book Serene mentioned that pregnant mamas shouldn't do the SPEW routine. It looked like exactly what I needed to get myself started, so I was a little disappointed. That is until I read her post on the FaceBook group last week, where she recommended that pregnant mamas could do a modified version of the SPEW. So now I will be trying to incorporate it 3 times a week to start with, and try to build from there.

2013 is going to be a wonderful Trim Healthy Year. I can already see it happening.

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